i-ENVY by Kiss Trio Lashes Feb02

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i-ENVY by Kiss Trio Lashes

i-envy-kiss-individual-trio-lashes-short-ikatehouse-ed1094-z2If like me, you love single lashes then you are in for a treat with i-ENVY by Kiss Trio Lashes. I’ve been using these on clients and myself for a few months and they are amazing. With 3 clusters of lashes, they triple the speed at which you would apply single ones but are still small enough to customize the shape. You also avoid the hassle of a full strip possibly peeling up at the front when worn for long periods. So best of both world’s!

Even better are the lengths available! They come in a short /extra short, the latter of which are smaller than any single lashes so great for those wanting a very natural look or for smaller/hooded eyes. They also have a short/medium combo ,which allows for a more dramatic look.

The band is very thin and clear, I would compare it to that of Ardell Demi Wispies which are very natural. This also means they curve unlike other brands offering half sets or clusters. Usually these tend to droop due to the thick straight bands, which in turn do no favors for your eyes.

Another bonus is the packaging in the form of a handy pink oval tray that has a glue pocket; so no glue mishaps, which always happens when I put it on the back of my hand.

Adhesive is not included in the pack so I use Duo Adhesive in white/clear or dark tone if going for a more dramatic, dark eye.

My only issue is the ratio of lengths; you only get 6 extra short lashes in the short pack and 6 short in the medium pack, I feel it should be 50/50 as most people taper out to a longer length on the outer edges so you run out of the shorter ones fast. However, if you are patient you can trim the longer ones with small scissors or re-use them.

I can only find them on Amazon and Ebay at the moment. They were sold in Superdrug for a short time but have since disappeared.

Regardless of my little moans these beauties are now a permanent fixture in my pro kit and my personal makeup bag