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Gatsby Glamour

There seems to be lots of Gatsby themed parties and events since the release of Baz Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby film. Myself and Annabel Hornsby recently worked on a private party with this theme, so I thought I would share some looks to give you some inspiration for Gatsby Glamour.

What I took from the film is not to copy a 1920’s look so literally (if you want to look good that is). So, if you have pastel coloured hair like one of our dancers did, or full Cara Delevigne style eyebrows, work with what you have and make it a modern twist on the 20’s!

I chose to thicken and define the dancers eyebrows, with a full, natural lip shape. I think the eyes and hair are enough to give an impression of the decade. So for the gold costumed dancers, we created a deep purple smokey eye with black glitter and a gold highlight, all from the latest MAC Nocturnals Pigments and Glitter: Black & Gold. The lips were a plum with a sheen, which were a nod to the era but again, not a replica.

For the dancers in a jade costume and feathered headdress, we went more girly and really took a liberty with the 20’s. We used pale pink pigments and glitter on the eyes from the MAC Nocturnals Pigments and Glitter: Silver & Violet, and applied a soft pink glossy lip. For added drama and to compliment the costumes, we scattered gems around the eyes and doubled-up on Katy Perry Ka-Pow lashes by Eylure, which have a gorgeous violet tip.



For hair, the best thing to do is buy a wig as finger waves are tricky to master unless you are a professional. Fancy dress wigs can be great, just take the time to brush through them and check the hairline is in the right place to look more natural. I ordered wigs which I cut and styled to insure a more personalized, authentic look.

I did one wet set on the choreographer and dancer Olivia as she had lovely purple hair. To add a touch more glamour, I applied glitter and gold leaf in pinks, purples and silvers to the hair.


So if you have a Gatsby party coming up, take your favorite makeup look and rework elements to turn it into your version of the 1920’s. And if your feeling brave, go for a brand new hairstyle with a fab new wig!