Ciaté Geltox and Detox Jan30

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Ciaté Geltox and Detox

091014-ciate-594For the New Year I thought I would kick off with a new purchase, which I am in LOVE with!! I’m obsessed with Gel nails so imagine turning any of your favorite nail polishes into a gorgeous glossy gel polish….Ciaté has made this possible with the at home Ciaté Geltox nail system

The machine is small and portable, which is a bonus and the process is sooo easy and fast, words that make me happy

It takes 1-2 coats of Geltox Top Coat over your regular nail polish (depending on level of gloss you want) and 60 seconds per hand under the LED lamp. That’s it, good to go!

The Geltox starter kit costs £99, so a bargain you consider the cost of having gel manicures in salons or other systems with lots of components, which are also time consuming. Here is a step by step by Ciaté for best results

This does not last as long as Shellac or full gel nails so I would avoid it for holidays etc, unless you are going to bring it with you to redo. But for a long week at work or for an occasion this is perfect. I also love that I can now buy any colour I like regardless of quality and know they will look good or if you’re like me and have more than one Mini Mani Month packed away-you can dust it off and it will last longer than a day!

I also picked up the Geltox Detox £25, which gently removes the gel, leaving your nails in tiptop condition. To do this you buff the nails so they can absorb firstly the nail oil to nourish. Next you pop the removal solution on your nails using tape that has little pads attached. Leave on for 10 minutes and pull off to remove the gel. Buff to smooth and re-oil..done!

11058680-1418659514-414767I love an instruction video, so as simple as these two methods are here are the videos from Ciaté



The New Year diet hasn’t quite worked out but at least I’ll have fabulous nails

Stop by my Instagram for pics of my latest fave polishes using this system